Mid Monongahela River Water Trail Map

  • August 1, 2019

After completing the Upper Monongahela River Water Trail map earlier this year, Laick Design was contacted to produce the Mid Monongahela River Water Trail Map. This map, like the one for the Upper Monongahela Map was funded through grants as a way to show boaters, kayakers, and others using the Monongahela River the various entry points and facilities along the Mon. The map is two-sided and features text about the towns along the Mon from Brownsville, PA to McKeesport, PA, the history of the Mon as well as safety and boating regulations. The map shows in detail roads, towns, and waterways from Brownsville, PA to McKeesport, PA. Each stop is detailed with restaurant, hiking, biking, restroom and historical markers. 

The detail that went into developing this map is pretty amazing. Presently, the maps are being distributed throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a map project yourself for your organization please contact us to discuss the possibilities.