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Healthy Living with Dani

  • January 30, 2020
Healthy Living with Dani

Danielle Sciulli is a mother, blogger, and fitness and healthy living influencer from Pittsburgh, PA. While utilizing her online presence via social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram she decided that she needed something more to reach her followers. With this new website, Danielle now has the capability to offer and catalog her offerings to her followers.

The site allows for Danielle to post recipes, healthy living and fitness tips along with updates on her events and special offers. She also has an integrated store front allowing her to sell her Arbonnne products allowing an easy back and forth between the two entities. Another benefit of the new site is that Danielle can now offer her seminars and programs to users online. Users can sign up, and have access via a password to her programs instantly.

Check out Danielle’s site at: