Website Development

Back Roads Energy

  • June 25, 2020
Back Roads Energy

A few years ago, Back Roads Energy contacted Laick Design to develop a website for their business. As the years change, and their business adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic they saw a real opportunity for adding new services to their business.

Laick Design recently developed a new website for them showcasing some of those new services. The new site was completely re-built and includes detailed info on their Aerial, Project Management, Construction and Land-based services.

The site also opens with a beautiful drone video shot that showcases their services as a company through the use of video. Another new feature of the site is the embedded YouTube and Facebook feeds on the homepage. This allows viewers to engage with them and see the latest info. Users can also view the new LinkedIn and Instagram pages from the icons on each page as well.

The team section was completely revised allowing for a larger photo, and smart facts areas for each person.

Also, each network or association they belong to is listed on each page. Behind the scenes, Back Roads Energy is running a SEO campaign for work relating to aerial drone photography, and oil and gas projects such as construction and land management.

Check out their new site at: