Website Development

Bob Norman, Jr., ND

  • February 16, 2021
Bob Norman, Jr., ND

Laick Design recently launched a new website for Dr. Bob Norman, Jr. Dr. Norman needed a website to market and sell his CBD products and to focus on his reseller program and coaching options. With the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of conferences and events that he would attend to raise awareness for his products and services were not available in 2020. Looking to reverse that trend, Dr. Bob Norman looked for an online option to help in meeting his goals.

The new site has info Dr. Bob Norman and the many offerings he provides to his clients. Although he offers many wellness options, the main focus of his wellness practice has become CBD. With this being such a focus, we implemented an online store where anyone can purchase products from Dr. Norman and they can be shipped right to their door.

Furthermore, if you want to take control of your health, fitness or even become a reseller Dr. Bob Norman’s website also allows for online booking of appointments. From there you can schedule a call to learn more.

Check out this new site at: