Website Development

Hook Fish & Chicken (Waterfront)

  • August 11, 2021

With five locations through the Pittsburgh region Hook Fish & Chicken needed a new web presence that allowed for easy online ordering and showcased their menu to their patrons.

They came to Laick Design to tackle this project as they noticed an increase in take-out orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a way for customers to order online and to also tie into their point of sale system (POS) was the ideal solution. This would also allow the kitchen to receive the orders as soon as they came in which would also free up the staff from answering phone calls and taking orders.

The solution was to develop a website that worked on desktop as well as on mobile and a website that allowed the user to select the location for the order, time for the order and ultimately order while processing their payment method. While presently, the online ordering is only available at the Waterfront location, the online ordering system will be present at the other locations shortly as each restaurant uses a different POS system. Currently the menus are available for the other locations.

Hook Fish & Chicken in the Waterfront now allows for an easy user experience for the customer to order their fresh fish and chicken and can be picked up at their convenience. The staff at Hook Fish & Chicken can also update and maintain the website on their end as well.

Check out the new website at: