Website Development

Franklin Township of Greene County

  • September 29, 2021

Franklin Township of Greene County is a township in Greene County, Pennsylvania. In 2015, Laick Design developed a website for the township. As they moved forward and needs of the township advanced they decided that the site was in need of an upgrade.

Laick Design worked with Franklin Township of Greene County to develop a new site from the ground up featuring info that would be useful to their residents. The largest of these items was the comprehensive plan and meeting agendas. The latter which is now a required by the State of Pennsylvania. The ordinances which many residents look for is also available for download on the site.

Also, featured on the new site is engaging photography of areas of interest in the township such as the Lions Club park, Evergreene Technology park, and many drone photos of the region.

For those looking to move into the area or to visit, items of interest as well as amenities are shown throughout the site. These include information on the school district, hospitals, medical facilities and things to do and see.

Check out the new site for Franklin Township of Greene County at: