Website Development

Irwin Family Chiropractic

  • October 7, 2021

One of the services Laick Design offers is handling updates and maintenance to a site that was either not created initially by us or developed elsewhere by the client. In this instance with Irwin Family Chiropractic, they had a previous developer work on their site but it was never completed fully.

Located in Irwin, PA, Irwin Family Chiropractic has been serving that community for close to 60 years! Using that experience in the community, the site needed to be friendly and welcoming to new and existing clients.

Laick Design was able to step in and migrate the site to a faster hosting plan as well as make updates to the site. Those updates included a speed increase, the addition of an SSL, the fleshing out of doctors bios, and the addition of new patient forms that allow the client to fill out their info and hand it over before their first appointment.

By making these small changes, we have noticed increased engagement and interest from Irwin Family Chiropractic’s clients. The time spent on site has increased and in the future the doctors at Irwin Family Chiropractic plan on adding a blog and more interactive content to the site.

Check out the full site at :