Corner Cupboard Foodbank Awareness Ads

  • December 1, 2021

As we move into the holiday season many great organizations are giving back and looking for donations. One such organization is the Corner Cupboard Foodbank. Located in Waynesburg, PA and serving Southwestern, PA the Corner Cupboard Foodbank makes a difference in the community as the local food bank.

To emphasize that local focus serving local individuals, Laick Design recently completed an ad for the Corner Cupboard Foodbank that will be in local newspapers, and other media. We developed the ad as a focal point allowing readers to see that the Corner Cupboard Foodbank is the only local food bank helping those in need.

Tying into the ad is the Annual Fund Drive donation form that is on the Corner Cupboard Foodbank website. This allows individuals and businesses to raise funds for the food bank and for everyone to see the status of each donation. The goal this year is $25,000 which will not only help those in need but to also purchase a truck to make pickups and deliveries.

Learn more about the food bank here: