Flint Tech Solutions Digital Billboards

  • December 15, 2021

Laick Design recently completed a series of digital billboards for Wexford, PA based IT and managed services company, Flint Tech Solutions. The series of billboards featured along Route 19, Perry Highway, in Wexford feature a series of messages to the passerby’s. Those messages are promoting managed IT services, preventing network hacking, secure file access and cryptocurrency.

While working on the ads we decided that each digital file would be similar in message as well as design. This would allow the ability for Flint Tech Solutions to be recognized and to build up a brand recognition with the people in the community but also those on the roadways.

Using the color scheme from Flint Tech Solutions, we were able to use eye-catching imagery to focus on a frustrated business man who cannot figure out his IT services, and another featuring a business woman who is upset that her network was hacked. These similar items build into the level of familiarity and brand comfort.

At the bottom of each display the logo and phone number are displayed. Since this is a well trafficked area placement was essential and we feel Flint Tech Solutions will see an increased in calls and traffic to their website from these attention getting ads.