Website Development

Milinovich & Company

  • September 15, 2022

Milinovich & Company has been helping individuals prepare for retirement and investing since 1949. Located in Waynesburg, PA and started by the late Michael A. Milinovich, Sr., CPA, Milinovich & Company has been a long Greene County staple.

Offering assistance for oil & gas funds along with helping plan for retirement or even helping plan for a wedding Milinovich & Company can help. With that said, Laick Design was tasked with developing a new site that was easy to use, mobile friendly and conveyed their expertise and experience.

Their new site leans heavily into the branding using the light gray and burgundy colors that they have used for generations. The site displays info on their services, has a full firm profile and has ways for visitors to contact them. The site is also verified by Broker Check.

While mostly informational the site allows visitors to see the experience and knowledge that Milinovich & Company bring to the table when it comes to investing or planning for retirement. Check out the new site at: