Website Development

EZ Gourmet

  • December 7, 2022

In 2021, we developed a website for EZ Gourmet which was then looking to sell seasonings and focusing on their catering business. In the last year their business changed and a new website was needed. Having changed their focus to food delivery and pre-made food options we worked on developing a new site that fit those new needs. They also moved from selling at events and local fairs to a brick and mortar business located in Washington, PA.

Laick Design stepped in and developed an e-commerce solution that allows customers to purchase anything from dairy and meat products for pickup and delivery to pre-made meals which can be re-heated or frozen for consumption at a later date.

The e-commerce site ties into their existing POS system allowing the staff at EZ Gourmet to see when items are running low or out of stock.

As for the design, we kept the look and feel pretty similar to the older site allowing for the focus to be on the meal delivery option but also keeping the seasonings and catering options available for purchase and booking as well.

You can check out the new site for EZ Gourmet at: