Website Development

Metis Landscapes

  • February 28, 2023

Metis Landscapes based in beautiful Naples, Florida reached out to Laick Design in 2022 about redeveloping their website. Over the year working with Kristin Jeannin, owner, fine artist and field experienced landscape architect we were able to develop a website that fits the image of what Metis Landscapes is but also tells their story.

Being a landscape architect in a competitive field in sunny south Florida, Metis Landscapes needed a website that attracted users who are looking for a design for their single family home but also commercial clients. Metis Landscapes also wanted a website that told their unique and interesting story through imagery rather than text. Through this collaboration, we were able to design and develop a website that meets that need for them.

Utilizing images and high quality renders of their work we were able to showcase specific projects and their work in the single family and multi-family residential realm but also their commercial and community-based work.

The site utilizes light white and teal blue colors emphasizing the water color in Naples, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. The bright highlights of the site come from the imagery and light use of text.

Check out this new site at: