Website Development

Fayette County Housing Authority

  • July 3, 2024

Nearly ten years ago we developed the website for the Fayette County Housing Authority operating in Uniontown, PA. Over the years, we also developed their logo and other branding related materials. For their future growth we have made numerous additions to the website and this latest edition is no different.

In this new version of the site, we implemented a larger header in a lighter green color offsetting the logo in the center of the site. The menu drop-downs have been better organized and also feature a new teal color introduced to their color lineup.

We continued this color theme throughout the site incorporating this on subpages and on all new content areas. This is featured specifically on the homepage where the Current Events and Quick Links feature the new color blocks of info available to visitors of the site.

Additionally, we added ADA compliance to the site last year and have incorporated it into this design as well.

With these changes we feel that the site is still modern and accessible to the residents of Fayette County, PA.