Website Development

Flint Tech Solutions

  • July 7, 2021

A few months back, we worked with Flint Tech Solutions based in Wexford, PA on a new look for their postcards and sell sheets. As those projects wrapped up to completion we moved onto re-doing their website. The website development process was a complete brand new build for them.

We ended up scrapping their old design and site and rebuilding them a new site that is faster, easier to manage and navigate as well as allowing them to keep a consistent look across mediums. The new site now matches the layouts put forth from their business cards, post cards and their sell sheets. Consistency is a huge factor in determining credibility in a business and having a consistent look gives Flint Tech Solutions the edge over competitors in the IT and Managed Services space.

Offering technology support services Flint Tech serves a wide client base across the nation with locations in Wexford, PA as well as in California.

Using similar info from the other designs and products, the information displayed on the site focuses on their services and includes pricing for their tiered systems. The testimonial section builds credibility and trust and making that a featured area became an important section as well.

You can check out the new site at:

Flint Tech Postcards

Flint Tech Postcards

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