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KDKA AM Radio 100th Anniversary

  • November 12, 2020
KDKA AM Radio 100th Anniversary

A few weeks ago KDKA AM Radio 1020 celebrated their 100 Year Anniversary. Laick Design had the privilege of designing the website celebrating the 100 Year Anniversary.

While working with local amateur radio historians we were able to design the website to display detailed information on the formative years of the radio station. The information displayed begins pre-1920 and goes until the 1940’s with rarely seen photographs, advertisements, program info and much more.

With the design of the site featuring old photographs and QSL cards, Laick Design chose a tabletop presentation for the design with the photos scattered about. By clicking the photos the user could jump to a specific time period of the radio station. This also allowed for a nice visual presentation for the data to be displayed.

The main focus historically is the profiling of Dr. Frank Conrad who started the call sign 8XK the precursor to the call sign of KDKA in his Wilkinsburg garage. This site was a real joy to work on and develop as the 100th Anniversary began earlier this month. The site has garnered some attention in local media and online broadcasts also. As the year completes, look for more detailed information on the formative years of KDKA Radio in the 1930’s and the 1940’s.