An Evening with General George Casey Program

  • October 31, 2019
An Evening with General George Casey Program

There are times when really cool projects come forth and this is one of them as Laick Design was chosen to design and develop the program for First Energy Foundation’s “An Evening with General George W. Casey” program. The event features the four-star General speaking to an audience of former military members, local politicians, and to those with an interest in his experience and service history.

The program is full color and features information on General George W. Casey, ads from local sponsors as well as donation information for the local non-profit, Westmoreland County Veterans for the War on Terror. Laick Design really specializes in programs for events like this – as we designed the cover, interior layout and coordinated production and delivery.

The program will be used at an event in early November when the General makes an appearance in Southwestern, PA.