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Prantl’s Bakery

  • March 17, 2021
Prantl's Bakery Website

A while back we added the e-commerce functionality to Prantl’s Bakery website. Since then we launched a brand new website with some expanded offerings.

Those new offerings include a completely re-built website with an online shopping cart that allows for delivery, 48 hour pickup and options for catering. A user to the new Prantl’s Bakery website can now order from the full menu of products for pickup at any four Pittsburgh-based locations. The user can also have certain products delivered to their door. And the user can also choose to have offerings for their office or workspace catered in and delivered. The custom delivery options allow for delivery up to 100 miles and contain fees for delivery based on location and proximity of the store location. If you prefer to pick up your order in-store you can do that as well with one hour pickup times on select items.

To say the least, this site has a lot of custom code and functionality built in for Prantl’s Bakery but still allowing for a smooth user-experience.

In the traditional store front, new images have been added and speciality items for holidays such as Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and others have been featured on the site.

Another item that was expanded upon from the old site was a detailed Weddings section showing actual wedding cakes produced by Prantl’s Bakery.

Check out the new site at:

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