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Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful

  • March 10, 2021
Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful

Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful is a Main Street community covering the downtown area of Waynesburg, PA. Started in the early 1970’s and taking growth in the early 2000’s Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful represents community endeavors to preserve and revitalize the historic downtown business district while also educating the public about the conveniences of shopping and the opportunities associated with conducting businesses in Waynesburg Pennsylvania.

Their first website which Laick Design designed and developed in 2003 served them for close to 18 years! So they were long overdue for a new online presence.

The new site is mobile friendly, and features graphical representations of upcoming events such as the Farmers’ Market, Holiday Open House and 50’s Fest Car Cruise. Also, displayed is an interactive “through the years” historical piece featuring the beginnings of the organization up until today.

As the main focus of the organization is to educate the public about the opportunities and shopping conveniences there is a Visit and Shop listing local retailers as well as a Stay tab featuring hotels within the area.

While more informational, the site features demographical information on Waynesburg and Greene County as well for potential relocations and others looking to move into the area.

Check out the new site at: