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Hranec Mechanical Contractors Ductwork Portal

  • January 13, 2021
Hranec Mechanical Contractors Ductwork Portal

Laick Design recently completed two online portals for Hranec Mechanical Contractors. The first portal allows Hranec Mechanical Contractors customers to view their maintenance, service and asset listing for their rooftop units. Once the user logs in they can see detailed reports along with photos of the units and when the last service was done on that unit. From there reports can be generated to see the life span of that unit and when it would be a good time for replacement. This is great for corporate clients who are concerned about their facility management.

The second customer portal allows the the general public to see their ductwork cleaning. By choosing Hranec Mechanical Contractors to provide their ductwork cleaning, customers would be able to login to a secure portal and see before and after photos of their ductwork along with any recommendations for future maintenance.

These custom portals were built to the customers needs and completely tailored to their business.