Sand Hill Berries Brochure

  • April 27, 2023

Laick Design recently designed a new four panel, four color brochure for Sand Hill Berries located in Mt. Pleasant, PA. Known for their fresh fruit and produce throughout the Westmoreland County region, Sand Hill Berries is a berry farm that specializes in growing many berries as well as grapes and other fruits.

To showcase their wares, we worked with Sand Hill Berries to design a new brochure for their 2023 season. Every year visitors from the region as well as many outside the region travel to Sand Hill Berries to visit, purchase their pies and fruits as well as visits to their winery, Greendance Winery.

The new brochure contains info on the winery as well as the many seasonal offerings that they offer such as tours, how to plan a visit and what berries are in season at what times.

Throughout the brochure, engaging and colorful images are used complementing the color scheme that matches their buildings at the property.

Look for this brochure on your next visit to Sand Hill Berries or at any visitor rest stop in the Southwestern PA area.