Woodsdale Elementary School Wigwam Playground Signage

  • April 18, 2023

Laick Design recently partnered with Woodsdale Elementary School in Wheeling, WV. to develop a playground sign showcasing American Indian or Indigenous Americans history.

The school reached out to Laick Design as the students were recently learning about the wigwam huts and living situations in Wheeling, WV and were looking for a way to incorporate the history into a marker. Since the location of the school is on former native lands this was a way to honor their history as well as a way for students of Woodsdale Elementary school to learn and appreciate the area, history and culture.

We worked with the Woodsdale Elementary school to develop a full color, non-destructive sign for the playground area as the wigwam structure would be on the premises as well. Using bring colors and engaging layouts the sign showcases the history of the American Indian in the Wheeling, WV area as well as their way of living.

The sign will be visible for years to come showcasing this piece of history in the Wheeling area.