Wealth of Wellness Care Plans

  • April 18, 2024

Laick Design recently designed the health plan sheets for Wealth of Wellness in Cranberry Township, PA. The design involved a thoughtful process that balances information clarity, aesthetics, and usability.

First, we delved deep into Wealth of Wellness’s requirements. We asked questions like: What type of health plans do they offer? Who is their target audience? What key information needs to be highlighted? Understanding these nuances is crucial for effective design.

We then conducted extensive research into health plan sheet designs, both within the industry and beyond. We looked at trends, best practices, and innovative approaches to gather inspiration. This phase helped us identify elements that could make Wealth of Wellness’s sheets stand out while ensuring they remained informative and accessible.

With the structure in place, we moved on to visual design. We chose a color scheme that resonates with health and wellness themes, such as calming blues and greens. We incorporated visuals like icons and illustrations to break up text-heavy sections and enhance comprehension. Typography played a vital role, ensuring text was legible and easy to scan.

By following this structured approach and paying attention to details, we created health plan sheets for Wealth of Wellness that are not only visually appealing but also informative, accessible, and user-friendly.