Logo Design

Sandra Lane – Organization Lane

  • December 20, 2019
Sandra Lane – Organization Lane

Sandra Lane is an author, speaker and organizing/productivity consultant located in Sewickley, PA. With a client base across the U.S. and an increased presence for developing a brand she contacted Laick Design to help. Through research and studies we performed, Laick Design was able to develop a logo for her usage.

The logo features a lowercase “sl” which is similar to Sandra’s handwriting. We were able able to utilize colors in a muted palette that match an existing website and marketing materials. Above the curl of the “l” the branded name and titles appear.

Since much of the promotion Sandra Lane does is through social media platforms, Laick Design also developed an icon which is circular and uses the lowercase “sl”.

These logo elements tie into a one-sheet flyer that Laick Design also developed and is customizable for each client Sandra meets with.