Website Development

Horseshoe Art by John

  • July 6, 2023

Laick Design recently completed a new website for Horseshoe Art by John. The idea behind the site is from local artist John Clarchick who uses retired horseshoes to create artwork. The artwork consists of animals such as horses, penguins, owls, crabs and many more and is currently sold at festivals and other events. In 2024, you will be able to purchase the artwork online.

For this website the client wanted a simple site with some backend functionality for a community page. The site contains the usual info but the draw to the site will be the registration of your item. This allows you if you want to register the artwork online and interact with others who have purchased the items.

Each item is unique and therefore collectable as there will be a lifespan on when the items will be sold. The website has a detailed gallery showing each available product and even larger items such as bed frames, horse beds, and other household items.

Check out this new site at: