Website Development

EQT Rec Center

  • February 27, 2024

Laick Design recently redesigned a new website for the EQT Rec Center. This website is visually appealing, mobile friendly and allows for the client to edit the site at their convenience.

Back when they first opened, we developed their first website and ultimately their second re-designed website. Over the years, the website switched hands and in taking this project over Laick Design was tasked with designing a feature rich site that offered a great client experience.

The new site also allows the clients of the EQT Rec Center to register and sign up for classes, view schedules and see the offerings that are available at the center.

Check out the new site at:


Pro Comfort Heating & Cooling Billboards

  • January 9, 2024

We recently designed new billboards for Pro Comfort Heating & Cooling located in Waynesburg, PA. Laick Design designed the new billboards and feature an engaging heading and product photography of…

Website Development

Scotty’s Pizza

  • January 2, 2024

Scotty’s Pizza has been serving the Waynesburg community since 1990 however they never had a website. That all changed at the end of 2023 when Laick Design designed and developed…


Rotary Club of Waynesburg Brochure

  • September 25, 2023

Over the years, Laick Design has completed many projects for the Rotary Club of Waynesburg. Our most recent project was the club’s promotional brochure. The brochure given out to potential…

Website Development

Waynesburg Boro

  • September 19, 2023

Laick Design recently completed the layout and design on the new website for Waynesburg Boro. This was a fun site to work on as we developed their first website back…

Website Development

Horseshoe Art by John

  • July 6, 2023

Laick Design recently completed a new website for Horseshoe Art by John. The idea behind the site is from local artist John Clarchick who uses retired horseshoes to create artwork.…

Website Development

EZ Gourmet

  • December 7, 2022

In 2021, we developed a website for EZ Gourmet which was then looking to sell seasonings and focusing on their catering business. In the last year their business changed and…