Website Development

Greensboro, PA Borough

  • February 10, 2022

Laick Design has completed work for the Greensboro, PA Borough for many years including managing their older website which was developed by a previous developer on Google Sites. As time moved on, the old site needed a refresh and a lot of information was not only incorrect the site was not displaying properly on newer technology such as phones, tablets, etc.

While working with the staff at the Greensboro, PA Borough Laick Design was able to develop a new website for them that not only has updated information such as ordinances and event info but also works well on newer technology.

This started with the look of the new site. Using eye-catching visual photography of the famous landmarks in Greensboro, PA we built off of that concept and then added engaging content. One piece that really is a standout on this site is the historic photo gallery. With photos going back to the early 1900’s one can really see the history and look of the town many years ago.

Also on the site, is a complete event listing for the town. This allows people coming into the area to see what is happening in Greensboro, PA in Greene County.

However one of the biggest pieces to this site is the info for the residents. This site includes all ordinances and meeting minutes and agendas. These are mandated by PA State law and allows for the citizens to be informed as to what is happening in the borough.

Developing this site was a real joy and seeing the older photos and historical significance of Greensboro, PA was a real engaging experience for us while working on this project.

Check out the new site at:


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