Website Development

Horseshoe Art by John

  • May 15, 2024

Last year Laick Design developed a new website for Horseshoe Art by John. In the year since, Horseshoe Art by John has expanded and is now taking online orders.

To accommodate this new feature, Laick Design completely rebuilt the site, added in stronger editing options and added in the online ordering functionality.

The idea behind Horseshoe Art by John is from local artist John Clarchick who uses retired horseshoes to create artwork. The artwork consists of animals such as horses, penguins, owls, crabs and many more and is currently sold at festivals and other events.

The ordering process is all customizable, allowing the visitor to choose their product and then select shipping options. Since all items are made to order each item will be unique and shipped or delivered when completed.

Check out this new site at: