Website Development

Ryan’s Tribute Charity

  • December 22, 2021

Laick Design recently completed the new website for the Uniontown-based Ryan’s Tribute Charity. Ryan’s Tribute Charity is a local non-profit that was started by Beth Hanzes to keep the memory of her late son, Ryan, still prominent through a non-traditional memorial and bereavement foundation.

Beth came to Laick Design looking for a way to increase their web presence for their upcoming Valentine’s Vault ticket raffle as well as to increase online donations.

Using imagery that was fitting to Ryan, he enjoyed working on cars and auto racing, we built layouts and the site using those images. We were also able to add in info on the charity and ways for users to become volunteers on the site as well.

With the main component being donations, we implemented a native PayPal donation form which allows for users to donate via PayPal on the website. In the future, other donation methods will be used such as Venmo. We also built a PayPal form that allows users to purchase Valentine’s Day Vault tickets which will be raffled off the week of Valentine’s Day in 2022. With a wonderful selection of giveaways the tickets can be purchased by anyone worldwide.

The new site is completely custom and allows for Ryan’s Tribute Charity to grow and for them to build out content for future events and growth.

Check out the new site at: