Website Development

Camp Carmel

  • December 30, 2020
Camp Carmel

Camp Carmel recently launched their new website for the 2021 camp season. Laick Design worked with the directors at Camp Carmel to develop a new online presence that fits their needs such as working on mobile devices, easily updatable and a website with a more modern look and feel. While fulfilling their needs, the new website for Camp Carmel also provides a cleaner and more organized display of the information that is presented.

This new site allows for the directors to update the site for registrations as well as post content from the upcoming camps in the new year.

Founded in 1953, Camp Carmel has over 60+ years of dedicated followers and the ability for the camp to receive donations via the website was a huge need as well. We were able to integrate their PayPal info so users could donate from the website.

Check out the new site at: