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Political Design

  • May 12, 2021
Dorey Stabile McCarron for Clerk of Courts

This political season has certainly been busy. Over the years we have helped clients from all across the U.S. in various political races and this spring has been no different. Laick Design has worked with a few local candidates this voting period on a number of unique items such as sign design, poll cards, buttons, magnets, letters and direct mailings.

As you can see in the photo, our sign design is completely unique and instead of choosing a traditional color scheme a few clients running for office chose some different and eye-catching colors this year. Purple and hot pink we new colors this year for two candidates running for office in Westmoreland County.

For the district judge race a traditional navy and gold color scheme was used for that candidate. With each candidate using a different approach Laick Design developed a memorable and unique look to each candidates campaign.

If you are considering running for office this fall or in future years please contact me for the best pricing and results.