Website Development

Gulf Atlantic Equipment

  • July 21, 2021

Laick Design recently completed some back-end work for Gulf Atlantic Equipment. Located in Crystal River, Florida, they were looking for ways to increase their current website’s performance, ease of use as well as increase search ranking. There were many items that needed addressed on this site and Laick Design worked diligently to complete those issues for a great result.

We optimized over 2,500 images on site as well as added in functionality for WCAG compatibility. This allows users with screen readers to see the site and have a better interaction when viewing the site. Another item we completed was to optimize the code for the site. The site featured an out of the box theme with some minor modifications. By fixing some issues within the code of the site we were able to increase their site ranking.

Since the site for Gulf Atlantic Equipment was pretty large with an online product catalog of over 2,800 products we were also able to make modifications within their product management tools to allow for the products to load faster and be easier to find via a search engine.

By completing these items along with many others we were able to make the site faster and improve their overall customer experience.