Website Development

JDAT Insurance Agency

  • December 29, 2021

Laick Design recently completed some maintenance and service work for Wexford, PA based insurance company, JDAT Insurance. Offering home, auto and recreational vehicle insurance JDAT Insurance has been serving the Wexford, PA community for many years.

However they recently found themselves in a bit of a problem. Their old website developer left town and they needed access to the website to make updates along with fixing issues associated with website compatibility. Using the info that they provided Laick Design was able to migrate the website to a new hosting environment. We then set out to update the site with the new content that they wished to add. After those items were fixed, we moved forward to fix the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) errors that were present on the site.

The WCAG items present on this site had mostly to do with contrast and spacing issues which were able to be fixed quickly. However WCAG is very important on any website. This allows screen readers and other devices to see the website for those with vision impairments. Many industries are requiring full WCAG compliance for websites.

Using the guidelines set forth by the WCAG we were able to fix the site so it was ready for compliance. With those items being fixed we implemented a website SSL, which helps with security and ownership of the site.

With the site ready to go, the client reviewed the site and we launched it for use. Check it out at