Website Development

Ella Pritsker

  • August 19, 2022

Ella Pritsker is a fashion designer known for timeless designs and classic trademark suits, her signature style is unmistakably elegant and sophisticated. With that as a focus, Laick Design set forth to develop and design a new web presence for Ella Pritsker and her line of clothing.

Ella’s style empowers all women with the confidence to fearlessly be themselves, from the executive boardroom to the fierce competition of sport, through bespoke fairytale special occasions, and the magic of everyday life.

The site needed to reach a wide variety of interests and to showcase her styling and work through an engaging site and password only online store.

Keeping that in mind, Laick Design set forth to design a clean, clinical look for this site interspersed with video clips and high end photography showcasing the clothing Ella creates.

We divided the site into sections – Couture, EPC Style and Education. Allowing each section to focus on those particular areas and featuring content exclusive to those areas. Call to action options are featured throughout the site encouraging the visitor to learn more, shop or signup for more info.

On the backend of the site we have a fully functional online store featuring a catalog of over 400 items that a vendor can purchase for their store.

You can visit Ella Pritsker’s new site at: