Website Development

Tuff Duct

  • November 30, 2023

Tuff Duct Systems is the answer to all your outdoor ductwork needs. Using a weatherproof and watertight ductwork system, Tuff Duct Systems encompasses rigid board Phenolic Insulation, which boasts double the R-Value of standard fiberglass insulation. With its “Tuff” baked on pre-coat and galvanized steel outer shell, Tuff Duct is designed to endure extreme outdoor environments.

Tuff Duct Systems reached out to Laick Design to design and develop a website to promote their new product offering. The new site needed to be visual and engaging to showcase their ductwork product. Using drone videos and site photography we were able to showcase the product as well as provide information to the visitors on the product, the install instructions and specifications.

Check out the site at