Video Website Development

Sea & Shoreline Aquatic Restoration

  • September 2, 2020
Sea & Shoreline Aquatic Restoration

Laick Design recently completed the new website for Florida-based Sea & Shoreline Aquatic Restoration. Looking to revamp their older website, Sea & Shoreline Aquatic Restoration wanted a more modern look, feel and presentation for their new web presence. They also wanted the website to look the same on mobile as it did on desktop and tablet versions of the site.

We were able to accomplish their desires a few ways. For instance on the homepage, we utilized a curtain effect on the homepage to allow various elements to appear on the site at different times. This allowed the presentation of elements to move and appear as the user navigated the homepage and subsequent pages.

Also utilized on the site was a high definition video that was shot showcasing the Crystal River project and their underwater aquatic restoration efforts. The video features the waterways in Florida but also their underwater efforts of fixing the river and ocean bottoms by replanting new seagrass.

Our goals were that we wanted to represent Sea & Shoreline Aquatic Restoration as a leader in their industry. Having a really cool website to show to the world really allows everyone else to see that as well.

Feel free to check out this new site at: