Website Development

Depreciated Lands Museum & Park

  • May 30, 2024

At Laick Design, we’re excited to share the successful launch of the new website for the Depreciated Lands Museum & Park in Allison Park, PA. This historic site, dedicated to preserving and showcasing local history, now has a vibrant, user-friendly online presence thanks to our team’s expertise.

Why the Upgrade?

The Depreciated Lands Museum & Park is a cornerstone of the Allison Park community, offering rich historical exhibits and beautiful park grounds. As their visitor numbers grew, it became clear that their online presence needed an upgrade to better serve the community and attract more visitors.

Key Features of the New Website

By transitioning to a modern website, the Depreciated Lands Museum & Park now benefits from:

  • Engaging Design: A visually appealing, responsive design that captures the essence of the museum and park.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Simplified site structure for easy access to information about exhibits, events, and visitor information.
  • Enhanced Content Management: A user-friendly content management system for effortless updates and additions.
  • Online Store: An integrated online store with inventory management allowing them to expand their sales reach outside of the Pittsburgh, PA market.
  • SEO and Performance Optimization: Improved search engine visibility and faster load times for a better user experience.

Our Development Process

Creating the new website involved several key steps:

  1. Consultation and Planning: Understanding the unique needs of the museum and park to tailor the website accordingly.
  2. Design and Development: Crafting a design that reflects the historical significance and community spirit of the site.
  3. Content Integration: Transferring and optimizing existing content, while adding new features to enhance visitor engagement.
  4. Testing and Launch: Ensuring the site functions flawlessly across all devices before going live.

Looking Ahead

With their new website, the Depreciated Lands Museum & Park is now better positioned to engage with visitors, share their rich history, and promote community events. We’re proud to have played a role in enhancing their digital presence and look forward to their continued growth and success.

Explore the new Depreciated Lands Museum & Park website and discover the history and beauty of Allison Park like never before!

Thank you, Depreciated Lands Museum & Park, for choosing Laick Design for your website development needs.